Storage Vault & Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes:

Ideal for clients who desire additional privacy and safety. Our clients have full control of storing their bullion in their own boxes which are locked and sealed in their presence, thus limiting the relationship with The Security Safe Valut to that of a renter and box hirer.

Features More Privacy, More Safety :

We have on offer two types of deposit boxes. They are the Empire SL 1 Box and Empire SL 2 Box. They storage boxes are mainly for gold and diamonds storage but can also be used for storage of jewels and other valuables.

With prior booking, clients boxes are made available for private viewing.

Upon request, we can make available unique tamper seals for clients. These seals are uniquely numbered and can only be unsealed in front of the client. A new seal is used anytime the safe deposit box is opened.


All client information is securely stored offsite. We are to completely secure all clients data.

All clients are privy to our secure Online Vault Terminal Access Point. They will be able to login, view associated documentation of their safe boxes and vault storage and also request for multimedia uploads to their private online terminals.


Private property ownership is one of the pillars of Sierra Leones legal system and the Security Safe Valut is only subjected to Sierra Leone authorities. A Safe Deposit Box is not considered a “financial account” for FATCA or FBAR reporting purposes by the US Internal Revenue Service, making this an excellent option for preserving your wealth.


You can have complete peace of mind knowing your valuables are protected in a treasury grade vault. Both our safety deposit box vaults and the bullion depository are monitored 24/7 with the most sophisticated multi-level protection available.

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