Testing Lab & Deal Security

This service offer has been created due to the demand by many gold and diamonds buyers. We get many requests from investors and buyers mainly with the need to have us aid in supervision, verification and management of their gold and diamond transactions.

If you are a buyer we can aid you in providing and extra layer of security, expertise and most importantly authenticating of any gold and diamond business in Sierra Leone. This included testing gold samples and grading of diamonds.

We also work close with all relevant authorities towards reducing and eradicating scam in this sector.

Ease of mind GOLD & DIAMOND deal management

Services Include:

Things we do to secure Gold and Diamond deals for our customers. From the initial stages of verification to testing and evaluation.

Verify Any Business Document TODAY !

How Can We Help?

Are you a Gold or Diamond buyer ? Are you a business man seeking to open a company branch in Sierra Leone? Are you seeking to setup an NGO in Sierra Leone, Are you seeking a Gold export license?… You name it, we are here to be your facilitating partners.